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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

kenapa lelaki hargai BF berbanding GF

Teringat satu Quote kenapa lelaki appreciate kawan lelaki berbanding girlfriendnya sendiri.

awak. motor saya pancit la
kesiannya macam mana ya ?

bro .. motor aku pancit la
ohh.. tak pa.. tunggu.. nanti aku sampai.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Upah menjahit Raya 2012 .

salam .
Ibu aku hari ni offer untuk ambil upah menjahit baju kurung raya puasa 2012 . maklumlah rata rata kedai jahit dah penuh dan banyak dah dapat tempahan . ibu aku dah 20tahun pengalaman menjahit baju kurung.

  • hantar kain dan ukuran badan
  • Duit Upah jahit RM70 sehelai .
  • baju dah siap , nak post baru bayar upah + pos RM10.

lokasi kulim , kedah. yang ada di kulim boleh berkunjung ke rumah.
maklumat lanjut by PM seperti alamat dan lain lain .

buat masa ini tempahan untuk sebelum raya pun boleh juga. Tahun ni tak buka lagi tender menjahit , tiba tiba reopen sebab tu masih ada peluang untuk those yang nak baju sebelum raya .

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cramp While Hiking- Cause, Prevention , Treatment & Safety


Hiking is an opportunity to experience the great outdoors while participating in physical activity to improve your health. The trails and rugged terrain you experience on the hiking trip, however, can cause various injuries. A common minor injury while hiking is a muscle cramp -- characterized by a sudden, involuntary contraction of one of more muscles.


Cramps are caused by a wide variety of factors, including long periods of physical activity. These extended time frames lead to an electrolyte imbalance that makes cramps more likely while hiking. The extreme conditions of the uphill climbs or downhill descents place excessive stress on the body, especially the thighs and calves. Carrying extra weight in your backpack can also lead to cramps while hiking.



You can prevent cramps while hiking by taking a few basic precautionary steps. Always stay hydrated by drinking enough water supplemented with electrolytes -- sodium and potassium -- to support normal muscle function and prevent cramps. The easiest way to stay hydrated is by carrying a hydration system in your backpack and add electrolyte supplements to the water. Fill your water bottle and hydration bladder whenever possible and always use a filtration system or water purification system as bacteria or viruses can lead to dehydration and severe cramps.


If you experience cramps while hiking, there are several treatment options that should get you back on the trail as soon as possible. Find a shady spot along the trail and rest briefly to hydrate with additional electrolytes and food such as dried fruit and salty snacks. As the cramp subsides, gently massage the area with your hand and perform light stretches. If the pain continues, use the pain relievers from your first aid kit.


Most muscle cramps are minor, but cramps while hiking may lead to a potentially life-threatening situation. Muscle cramps indicate dehydration that can lead to altitude sickness or migraines. As a result, it's essential to treat cramps immediately while hiking. Contact your doctor as soon as possible if the cramps cause severe discomfort or occur frequently while hiking.

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